Is the Kremlin inciting anti-vaccination behaviour in Estonia?

Propastop is looking to clarify statements made last week in the media in regards to our eastern neighbour having been influencing anti-vaccination reactions.

What impact can social media have on military exercises?

NATO’s Stratcom COE Analysis „Today’s digital space and its dangers for members of the Defense Forces“ looked at the data left by people in social media environments and the ability to influence national defence processes.

The Kremlin election compass

Who is in the Kremlin’s favour in the Estonian Parliamentary elections? Which political parties and politicians are under the control of our Eastern neighbours?

How do you clean up Facebook?

What solutions make it possible to have a cleaner Estonian language Facebook environment?

Media overview – January

An article in January discussing influence activities gave a lot of colour due to the approaching elections.

Finnish broadcasting is unfair to Estonia

A Finnish National Broadcasting Yle article has mistakenly written about the idea that there are many sex offenders from Estonia in Finland. Propastop looks into this backdrop of errors.

There are still many Kremlin minded groups on Facebook

The news of the closure of fake accounts in recent weeks does not mean that the public should stop being vigilante. There are still groups on Facebook that distribute Kremlin propaganda materials.

Propaganda dictionary – deepfake

What is the last half-year’s trendiest word?