Kremlin propaganda talking points


In 2016, we released propaganda bingo, which listed Russia’s main propaganda themes in a game form. Today we are publishing a fresh list on the same topic – we have provided an updated, in-depth review of the narratives that the Kremlin distributes about Estonia.

The subdivided list can be used to evaluate the propaganda content of our eastern neighbour’s news, articles, TV shows or videos. If you discover multiple hits, this is a clear sign of a propaganda attack.

If you want to have the list available for review, you can print it out in a high-resolution file here.


  • The Estonian economy is tiny and insignificant
  • The Estonian economy is in a bad state
  • Estonia is living with euro subsidies, and loss of these subsidies will be followed by an economic collapse
  • Western sanctions and Russian counter-sanctions will hit the Estonian economy
  • The Estonian economy was built up by the USSR, and Estonia had it very well then
  • Cooperation with Russia and abolition of sanctions would save the Estonian economy


  • The situation of the Estonian population is catastrophic due to large emigration
  • Estonia has a lot of poverty and great economic inequality
  • There is great immigration in Estonia, the newcomers bring social problems with them

 Relations dealing with nationalitie

  • Estonians are Russophobes hating Russia and Russians
  • In Estonia, Russians are being persecuted, Russians are second-class people, apartheid dominates
  • Russians are prevented from acquiring citizenship
  • The use of Russian is restricted
  • The Kremlin stands for the rights of Estonian Russians

Politics, governance

  • Estonia is dominated by a clique who is in power against the will of the people
  • Estonia does not have an independent policy; the desires of Western super powers are brought to the forefront
  • Estonian residents are in favor of good relations with Russia
  • Small countries like Estonia lack the power and the right to contribute to world affairs

National Defence

  • The Estonian Defense Forces are weak
  • Estonia’s desire for defence is low
  • In Estonia, people are against NATO
  • NATO assistance is ostensible; no real help is given to Estonia
  • Estonia is aggressive and dangerous for Russia, NATO promotes bad will against our Eastern neighbor
  • Friendship with Russia would eliminate confrontation and the threat of war


  • Estonia has historically belonged to Russia
  • Estonia was not occupied but it voluntarily entered the USSR
  • Estonia disseminates misconceptions and falsehoods about history
  • Estonians are fascists: they fought against the liberators of World War II; they keep Fascism alive to this day


  • Estonia is part of a morally degraded West
  • Estonia uses double standards: it requires from Russia what it does wrong itself
  • stonians are ungrateful to Russia
  • Human rights are violated in Estonia

When you read the list, the question arises, why is it still being talked about? Why should year after year false and malicious views come from a neighbor country?

The list comes down to the Kremlin’s worldview, the basic discourse being that Estonia belongs to Russia. To express this desire for subordination, the attempt to establish a vague sphere of influence, wanting to become a spokesperson for Estonian affairs or in specific imperialist threats, in any case, in the background of propaganda, the desire to impose the Kremlin’s influence over Estonia.
Propastop’s main purpose for being is dealing with this hostile Эстония наша (that is, Estonia is ours). This basic discourse is what we stand against.

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