An Estonian journalist brought the Kremlin media to a boil


On January 18, journalist Vahur Koorits published a story in the Eesti Päevaleht newspaper’s author’s opinion page about how our national defence could benefit from missiles capable of striking the city of St. Petersburg. It was clear to Propastop after reading the article that it would not be overlooked in the Russian media.

On Sunday, January 20, Koorits’ idea reached the Kremlin press through the local propaganda channel, Sputnik. The monitoring robot Propamon, read about 30 stories by the evening, which corresponds to the level of „many“ (you can read the news, if you look on the Propamon webpage on the corresponding date). In addition to the portals, it was also reported on television, which is a sign of it being an important issue for the Kremlin. Several members of the Duma spoke on the matter, for example the Deputy Chairman of National Defence, Juri Švõtkin, who called the thought of bombing St. Petersburg as madness. Frants Klintsevitš called the journalist a provocateur.

In the last year, Propastop brought out incidents where anti-Estonian media storms have been caused by irresponsible statements from politicians and Military personnel. Will 2019 bring journalists as well to the front line of the propaganda war?

Photos: screenshots of the articles.