New Year’s media summary- social media’s worrisome burden


In the last month, the Estonian media has been dominated by stories about using social media channels to manipulate people.

In addition to Facebook fake accounts being exposed by Propastop and Postimees, the Estonian media has published several stories about international research and analysis, with attention paid to developments and the general impact of the overall abundance of information.

Research and analyzes
Eesti Ekspress wrote, under the direction of Renee DiResta about the „The Tactics and Tropes of Internet ­Research Agency“. Postimees distributed Politico material from online right-wing campaigns as well as ERR talked about the impact of fact-control on the image of politicians.

Eesti Ekspress – Media mirage and memes, or a new cookbook for Russian trolls

Novator/ERR – Study: serial liars’ support of politicians reduces regular fact control

Postimees – Report: Extremists started an info campaign against the UN Migration agreement

ERR – A study that was widespread on the spread of fake news turned out to be false

The good work of citizen journalism
A good example of searching for information from public sources, where a provoking group conducting a protest action in Tallinn was identified and their links with a competing political party was made public.

Postimees – Photo: Estonia 200 denies any pre-planned provocation in Freedom Square

Postimees – Seppel’s social media commentary: yellow press media found a blade in a baby carriage.

New internal political fake account saga
The identification of social media fake accounts that began with the ESTONERS FB group created a snowball effect, which is rolling on and is raising public awareness of the dangers.

Postimees – Trolls also manipulated the opinion section of the Päevaleht newspaper

Postimees – The chairperson of the Blue Alarm, Ruuben Kaalep acknowledges trolling on social media: I am Bert Valter

World View portal through Postimees’ vision
A comprehensive example of the content, form and beliefs around a worldview portal.

Postimees – Objektiiv (lens) imports orbanism with donations

Postimees – Editorial: whose song is being sung by Objektiiv (lens) ?

Postimees – Direct from Postimees: Andres Kaju talks of Truth, Falsehoods and Demagogy

Postimees – Varro Vooglaid’s response to Andres Kaju

New anti-Estonian pattern in Youtubes

ERR – Raul Rebane | Baltic extinction (вымирать)or Russian-language Youtube basic myths about the Baltics

Facebook moderation from behind the scene
ERR – Fact controllers: Facebook uses us as propaganda tools

Information noise surrounds people
ERR – Information noise distorts worldviews and creates stress