Santa Claus found on Lai Street in Rakvere


At the beginning of the week, we released a picture-game, where we investigated this photo for the place and time it was taken and the picture’s author as well as the license plate number of the vehicle.

The correct answers are:

– Rakvere

– Lai street

– 3. December 2017

– Santa Claus Julius

– Ints Kalnins

Additional points were also given for submitting the reasoning and pictorial evidence.

Several possible steps can be taken to arrive at the solution:

Search for photos in different image search engines (Google Image, Tineye or Yandex Image), you can also find the same picture in the Adobe image collection. The attached text will give the name of the city, the date the picture was taken and the name of the photographer. One respondent also found the same data when investigating the photo’s metadata.

You can find the car’s plate number by searching the internet for the keywords „ Rakvere Christmas Anniversary Conference 2017“. For example, the search results will show a picture gallery where you can see the car’s front license plate. The beige security bar on the photos can identify the car. Those who searched the Village News picture gallery were able to also find the rear plate number 66 CZS. Of course, this is also the right answer.

To find the right street, you need to search a picture gallery for a recognizable landmark in the Santa Claus parade pictures and then use Google street view to localize the search using the photo to find the house’s correct address.

It seems that this time the picture-game was a bit easier than the previous ones, because almost all of the respondents earned the full seven points. Many thanks to the thinking individuals and investigators with image searching skills!

Front-page photo: Kevin Dooley/Flickr/CC