Santa Claus caught! But where?


Last week, Propastop, with the help of photo analysis, proved that a posting in the Vkontakte environment was fake. In order to improve our readers’ skills in information searches using public sources, we organized a holiday picture-game.

We found this photo depicting several Santa Clauses on the internet.

What city was the picture taken?

What street was the photo taken on?

What is the date of the photo?

What is written on the car license plate?

Who is the author of the picture?

You receive one point for each correct answer. If you add explanations of your solutions to the answers, you receive an extra point. You can earn another extra point if you send proof in the form of pictures or image links.

It is possible to earn 7 points in total

Send your responses by Wednesday December 26th by email to [email protected] or add them to Facebook commentaries. We will publish the right answers with explanations of solutions on Thursday.

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Photo from opening page: Kevin Dooley/Flickr/CC