Santa Claus found on Lai Street in Rakvere

See the correct answers and solutions to the Propastop Christmas picture-game!

Santa Claus caught! But where?

Take part in the Propastop holiday picture-game and help identify the time and place the photo was taken.

Attention! Provocative fake news is circulating in Narva

A staged fake news story about an activist attacked in Lasnamäe was published in the environment of Vkontakte.

Myth breaker 4: The economy of Estonia is in bad shape

In this article, we are rebuking the propaganda media’s widely used incorrect statement, that Estonia is an economically failed state.

Facebook’s role in unrest

ERR released Bloomberg columnist Leonid Beršidski’s opinion-based news on Facebook’s role in escalating Parisian turmoil.

The legend of women in white leggings

Women snipers in white leggings (Белые_колготки) from the Baltic nations is a propaganda legend from our eastern neighbour that has become almost an integral part of every Russian military conflict in the last quarter of a century.

Media overview – November 2018

November 2018 may be considered as the fake news month due to the large amount of media coverage, with several articles that deal with influence activities focused on this topic.

Estonia was attacked again on Kremlin TV

Last Wednesday, the Russian press began a flow of propagandistic reports on Estonia topics, due to the Russian Ambassador being summoned by the Foreign Ministry. Read closer!