Propaganda dictionary – Social engineering

Social engineering is the term describing a technique that, by exploiting the weaknesses of a person makes them volunteer to do things that would not be done in a normal situation.

Silence helps fight against Propaganda

Propastop conducted an interview with media expert Tiit Hennoste. Read what the lecturer and linguist at the University of Tartu thinks about the post-truth era and the regulation of journalism as well as Propastop.

Vremya incites hatred against Ukrainians working in Estonia

The TV news channel Pervõi’s Tuesday’s news release depicted a vivid image of the Estonian labour market. The episode is part of the Kremlin’s new propaganda rhetoric, which seeks to link Ukrainians working in Estonia with problems.

The marking of FB fake news caused an opposite effect

Facebook’s attempt to flag suspicious content with a warning caused an opposite effect and has been closed to date.

Five ideas for curbing Kremlin propaganda channels

There are far more opportunities against TV channels that are attempting to break up our society, than „lets not do anything“ or „lets close them down“. Read more about it here!

Propaganda attack about Litsmetsa

Have you heard of the memorial in Litsmetsa, Võrumaa County? The Kremlin propaganda media has and is making a big deal about it.

Matvijenko organized an accusation of discrimination firestorm

The II International Anti-Semitism, Racial and Xenophobic Conference „Protecting the Future“ was held in Moscow at the end of last week, which gave the speakers an additional impetus for attacks against Latvia and Estonia on issues of non-citizens’ discrimination.