A new radio program on Fake news began broadcasting its series


On September 25, Radio 4 aired its first broadcast in a series called: “Teorija vbrosa”. The Russian-language series of programs will be focusing entirely on Fake news and media manipulation and will be aired to the public once a month.

We are in a bit of trouble with translating the title of the show. In Russian “vbros” means a topic put into the information space, meme or Fake news, whose goal is to manipulate the public. The translation should be about „ The theory of Information manipulation“ or possibly „The spin theory“. If you are able to offer a better interpretation, please write about it on our Facebook page.

The program announcer, Artur Aukon talked about Fake news with an advisor to the Foreign Ministry, Hannes Rumm and Dmitri Teperik from the Center for Defence Studies. It focused on everyday pseudo-themes, not so much on information warfare or on international information operations. For example, they touched upon the closing reopening of the MMS social media group, anti-vaccine conspiracy theories and Italy’s current measles outbreak. What makes people believe in obvious falsehoods and alternative theories? The reason is, above all, the trust of opinion leaders, the attitudes of people of the same kind and the masses effect. When it seems that „everyone else“ is talking about a topic, then the topic becomes important and truthful.

A fresh perspective was added by incoming calls from the public. For example, one listener described how he looks at television channels from Ukraine, Russia and Estonia as well as Euro news in order to obtain a balance media image. However, the result is not clear, increasing confusion and a feeling that „Everything is Fake!“

Propastop recognizes Radio 4’s initiative and pioneering role. Aside from Indrek Treufel’s „Alluvial intellect“ which aired two years ago on ETV, the new radio program is the first series dedicated exclusively to this topic in Estonia. This topic usually makes the rounds in various shows with short inserts at a time (For example it last had 9 minutes on Terevisioon). We look forward to the launching of a series this very important topic on an Estonian language TV channel or radio station.

Pictured: a screenshot of Radio 4’s website