Propaganda dictionary – disinformation

The term, has previously been associated with the Soviet Union is now actively used and has become synonymous in the West with the propaganda of the Kremlin.

The first real penalties were imposed on cyber-criminals in Finland

The third week of October brought news on how the court in Finland sentenced Johan Bäckman, a Kremlin activist and founder of the suspicious content publication, MV-Leht as well as the publication’s director, Ilja Janitskin to imprisonment and financial penalties.

Propaganda attacks, which did not prevail in the news

Terrorists from Ukraine work in Estonia. Biological weapons are created here. Our media lies. Read the latest, most fantastical tidbits from the Kremlin propaganda media.

The Lithuanian elves movement as a patriotic block chain

The Russian troll fighting, elves movement is gaining popularity in Lithuania.

How much were the Latvian elections effected by foreign influencers?

Let us read about the methods used to influence the Latvian elections and predict the likelihood of their implementation in Estonia.

Propaganda library-LikeWar

At the beginning of October, P.W. Singer and Emerson T. Brooking’s new book „LikeWar: The Weaponization of Social Media“ was published.

A new radio program on Fake news began broadcasting its series

At the end of September, a new series on Radio 4 came on the airwaves, which focuses on Fake news and media manipulation. This is a first of its kind in Estonia.

Fact checking is the fashion of this fall

There is a momentum growing in Europe in factual control initiatives in every possible version, and they are constantly growing and being added to, like mushrooms after a rainfall.

A memorial erected for an organizer of mass deportations

At the end of September, Arnold Meri, a hero of the USSR and an organizer of the March mass deportations had a monument erected in his memory. Read how the Estonian Russian language media wrote about the event.