Farah, a teenage social media warrior

In 2014, Farah Baker gave a serious and up to date understanding from her home in the Gaza zone of substantially altered social media battles with the Israeli military.

Conspiracy theories in information warfare

How has the concept of information conflicts changed? Why are conspiracy theories used in information warfare? Watch and listen to the Semiotic, Andreas Ventsel’s video lecture.

Will the Estonian elections be influenced as well?

Several elections are taking place in Estonia in Spring 2019, which it is why; it is prudent to analyze Russia’s possibilities of interference.

Six conclusions from the missile incident

The missile accidently fired by the Spanish allied fighter jet started the propaganda machine rolling in the kremlin media within four hours. Read more!

The spy scandal did not find much coverage in world media

The spy scandal that filled the Estonian media for a week did not get much coverage internationally. There were a few press releases in English in the western media and the Russian media’s coverage being minimal with more of a neutral take on it.

Vladimir Sazonov: How does Russia itself understand the information war?

At the end of August, Postimees published an opinion article by Vladimir Sazonov on how Russia itself understands the information war.

Investigative journalism illuminates the inner world of the Kremlin propaganda machine

Articles published in Postimees show documents revealing the daily workday of the Russian propaganda channel in Estonia. Read a summary of the facts we learned from the stories.