Russia-related networks in Estonia Part 4.


We are continuing an overview of persons and organizations mentioned in the KAPO yearbook that deal with activities meant to cause divisions in Estonia.

Network 5 „ Nazi theme instigators“

This time we added a group to our chart whose underlying motive is to blame Estonia as a supporter of fascism. These are people who incited the Bronze night events as well as having already been actively involved in anti- Estonian inciting activities previously. Between 2205-2011 KAPO wrote about these network activities every year.

Since 2010, the network has been linked to the „World without Nazism “movement in Russia. This is an organization founded and managed by the Kremlin, which under the banner of fighting against fascism, spreads a Russian imperialistic view of history throughout Europe and contributes to the achievement of the Kremlin’s goals. From Estonia and other Baltic countries, the movement seeks to create a propagandistic image of „ a little nasty Nazi nation“

Key individuals

Andre Zarenkov (in the forefront) 2010.

Andrei Zarenkov
The main founder of the fascist theme in Estonia, belongs on the board of directors of the network NGO’s. He has organized lectures in Estonian schools with Arnold Meri, Uno Lahe and Georgi Bõstrov that justify the Soviet occupation regime in Estonia. He has belonged to the board of the movement „ World without Nazism“ in Russia.  He has been found guilty of taking narcotics while working as the manager of the Maardu Community Centre; he was thrown out of the Estonian Leftist party for that same reason.

Vladimir Afanasjev
Along with Zarenkov, he organized the festival „Vivat Rossija“. In September 2007 with the support of Moscow, he planned a grand concert „ Rock against fascism“ which eventually did not take place.  In September of 2011 Afanasyev was involved with the documentary „ Estonia – at history’s crossroad“, whose purpose was the glorification of the Bronze Soldier and an attempt to create an impression of Estonia as being divided and a country of two distinct and separate communities in which state sponsored neo-Nazism is growing.

Valeri Iltšenko
Is a businessperson and a partner of Zarenkov in publishing the magazine Baltiiski Mir.

NGO Nazi Free Estonia

The NGO, which until 2011 had the propagandistic name, Community Association against New Fascism and National Hatred, is the legal body for organizing various protest actions and anti-Estonian activities as well as using grant monies. With the new name, the NGO now participates in the international „World without Nazism“ movement.

NGO Festival Vivat Rossija

Organized a festival of the same name in Tallinn, the most prominent of which was the concert of Russian Stars at the Song festival Grounds in Tallinn. The last such festival was held in Tallinn in 2006.

NGO Integration media Group

Since July 2007, the Kremlin magazine „Baltiiski Mir“ (Baltic World) has been thrust upon the Russian-speaking people living in Estonia. The editor-in-chief of the magazine is a former correspondent of the propaganda portal Regnum in Estonia, Dmitri Kondrašov, a cousin of Andrei Zarenkov, who is involved with Special Services in Russia.
The magazine is no longer active; the last issue was released in 2017. Largely the propaganda channels Sputnik and Baltnews have taken over the role of Baltiiski Mir in Estonia.

Managed websites
Baltiiski Mir Facebook page.

Relations with Russia

According to various sources, the network’s organizations have been financed by the Kremlin-related movement „World Without Nazism“, the Russian Embassy in Tallinn and the Ruskii Mir fund, which is funded from behind the Russian border and used for influencing activities.

Andrei Zarenkov’s photo: Sergei Trofimov / Den za Dnjom / Scanpix.