Where is this photo taken?


One of the goals of Propastop in addition to exposing anti-Estonian information attacks is to increase the media education of our readership, including developing skills in Estonian citizen journalism.

What is Citizen Journalism? In a broader sense, this means all journalism from ordinary people or non- professional journalists. For example in the case of the citizen press portal Külauudised, it represents local issues written by citizen volunteers.

Citizen press can for example upload a photo of a car accident on to social media or a nature video showing pollution. On one hand, (yellow) citizen journalism also includes paparazzi photos of famous people shown in grocery stores.

Propastop is very much interested in investigative journalism, whose goal is discover the real reasons for events identify perpetrators and draw attention to falsehoods circulating in the media. Carrying out such studies requires knowledge of open source-based information searches, analysis of arguments as well as the management of analyzing details in photographs.

The most shining example of investigative civilian journalism in the world is the portal Bellingcat, which with the support of volunteer collaborators has proven both the shooting down of the Malaysian airliner by the Russian army as well as looked into tracing Syrian chemical attacks. We plan to write about Bellingcat more thoroughly in the near future.

Put your skills to the test!

On the occasion of Midsummer Day, Propastop has organized a picture game for our readers. Look at this snowy photo published on the Postimees portal Kodustiil.ee. Can you identify the address of the house that is in front of the parked car in the picture?

To respond, write down the city, street and house number in Facebook commentaries. Please also add your solution in finding the place, this is educational for readers. If you would like to remain anonymous, please email us the solution to [email protected].

We will publish the correct answer together with the solution in a week’s time.

If you are interested in testing your own investigative journalism capabilities, then try out our previous picture game. You can find the solution here.

Photo: screenshots from Kodustiil.ee