Where you able to find the right answer?

We are revealing the correct solution to the week old blog image-solving game today. Read more about how to identify the address of the shown photo.

Where there are doers, there are watchers – OSINT

Over the recent years and above all since the handling of Ukraine and Syria by Russia, the gathering of information from open sources has come to the attention of the public and conclusions made on the basis of them or the rejection of Russian false examples.

Where is this photo taken?

In honour of Midsummer Day, we are organizing a magazine picture game that Propastop readers can play. Can you identify the address of the house in the wintertime photo?

Winners and Losers in the Babchenko case

The critical material published by the Kremlin on the staging of the murder of journalist Arkadi Babtšenko and the media operation that followed has raised a lot of opposing opinions.

Russia related networks in Estonia Part 3.

This time we give an overview of the Komsomolskaja Pravda newspaper and the organizations and individuals involved in the Impressum discussion club.

Estonian politicians as valuable base material for Russian propaganda media

Over the past half year, Russian propaganda media has made special note of the statements of Estonian politicians. A supplement over there to President Ilves’ recent statement at the beginning of June caused a news sensation.

Russia-related networks in Estonia Part 2

We drew an Estonian branch to the Kremlin media network diagram. Read more about it!

Propaganda dictionary: soft power

Soft power is a term that describes the state’s ability to influence other countries or individuals through attractiveness, thereby increasing their support or willingness to cooperate.