Russia – related networks in Estonia Part 1.

Propastop has reviewed the organizations and related people named in the KAPO (Estonian Internal Security Service) yearbook.

Propastop library: Propaganda War in the 21st Century

In the Spring of 2018, readers were able to enjoy the work of George Potšeptsov, „Propaganda War in the 21st Century“ a thorough and interesting work of current developments in propaganda.

Myth breaker, part 2 : Citizenship

We condemn the misconception that there is extremely difficult criteria setup to obtain citizenship in Estonia or that we restrict granting citizenship to Russian speaking residents.

The Bear is after the Hedgehog

During the major exercise „Siil 2018“ some attempts at ridiculing events and a proliferation of propaganda demeaning the exercise in the Russian language info space were noted. However, there were very few cases and they did not get much press nor posed much an impact.

May 9. passed calmly

In spite of the efforts of the Kremlin propaganda channels, yesterday was a conflict free day in Estonia. There were also no major disputes in the media.

The words of Sven Mikser made the Russian media red hot

Responses in our Eastern Neighbours press to our Foreign Minister’s interview broke a new record for the last half year.

Sputnik lodged a complaint with the Press Council against the Estonian Press

The Kremlin’s propaganda portal started a new confrontation with the Estonian media last week, accusing ERR Postimees and Õhtuleht of publishing false information.