One hundred years of freedom from the Soviet Union?


The Russian television channel, Dožd has a program called „Fake News „that looks for fake news and fake quotes in the media. One part of the broadcast on April 10 also touched upon Estonia.

On April 3 the Presidents of the Baltic nations met with their US colleague, Donald Trump. The event was announced a day later by Russia’s national television Rossija 1, using a fake quote supposedly from the USA President. According to Rossija 1, Trump congratulated the Baltic nations on the 100 year anniversary of the liberation from the aggressive yoke of the Soviet Union.

The correct quote was „I congratulate Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania on the 100 year anniversary of independence.“ Trump did not speak about the Soviet Union in his speech, probably because the Soviet Union did not exist 100 years ago.

We have written in our blog on many occasions earlier on the widespread perception of the Russian media, as if the history of Estonia and the other Baltic nations began with the Soviet Union. This is not the first time that the Kremlin’s media put out a fake quote from Trump about Estonia. Read about the previous case here.

Dožd is a Moscow – based television channel, which is named as our eastern neighbour’s last independent news outlet. You can learn more about this channel in the 2017. French documentary film (in Russian).

A noteworthy case in the Russian media hinted at Propastop’s anonymous „Reveal Propaganda“ form which you can find on the blog’s left side menu. Thank you to the sender and we invite readers to share similar material whenever you discover it.

Picture: screenshot from the program