Estonian E-state in the clutches of the Kremlin media


The latest propaganda news about Estonia in the Russian media has been circulating mainly on the internet. Recently however the Baltic nations have, after a long lapse become major news on TV shows. Channel TVC on February 8th in a talk show broadcast by Pravo Glosa (a Russian Kremlin proxy) discussed what to do about Russo phobia in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

The broadcast had the usual accusations against the Baltic nations. The studio guests were divided into two camps, where a bizarre Kremlin minded team of speakers talked down any attempts of positive thinking individuals. The broadcast gave the outrageous feeling as if Estonia still belonged to intellectual space of the Russian Empire, that Estonia is led by USA built up „regimes“ (this is the way the Estonian government is referred to through out the broadcast),  that the economy and Demography are on the verge of collapse and that pro NAZI thinking is supported by the government as well as Russian speaking residents are constantly bullied.

We have talked about such false and tainted informational propaganda lectures in the past. For example, we analyzed highly influential guests and similar shows with agendas on TV channel Pervõi more than a year ago

There would be no reason to further write about this at any length, if Propastop had not noticed the emergence of a new point of view. As a representative of the constantly put down group of guests, Professor Juli Nisnevitš, a champion against corruption mentioned Estonia as a successful digitized nation.

There has been much talk in the Western press about Estonia’s E-success, but the Russian media has decided to remain silent on this topic. Probably the reason for ignoring this topic is that that they want to utilize a more aggressive propaganda option toward Estonia in the future.

This time they were not able to develop the E-topic much further. After the discussion, Dmitri Linter took over the talk as the „Guardian- Estonian“ expert. He showed his Estonian ID card in the studio, referring to a security problem in the past year, naming the E-state as collapsing due to this problem. According to him, the Estonian digi-nation overall as a NATO cyber defence initiated project, whose purpose was to manipulate the local elections „regime“ towards the desired direction of following the USA.

Although propagandized with lies and served with heavily weighted propaganda tweets, it is still helping the raising of a positive statement in the Kremlin media. Let’s keep an eye on it whether the topic will have a follow up.

TVC, TV centre is Russia’s fourth most watched TV channel. It belongs to the city of Moscow, but can be seen all over Russia as well as on Russian channel packages in Estonia. We have put TVC on our propaganda channels list and have proposed to mark it with a propaganda tag in Estonia.


Photo: screen shots from the show.