The Tallinn named squadron is associated with the Maarjamäe case


The Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a tribute on January 29th to the 23. jet fighter squadron by giving them the title „the Tallinn named squadron“

The newly named 23. Jet fighter squadron has had reformations several times in the past, where one section – the 404. Squadron was already named the „Tallinn squadron“ on October 22. 1944. The name was given due to their participation in the successful bombing of Tallinn in that year.

With this idea in mind, the Jet fighter squadron received the Tallinn name, this was not done accidentally.

The fact that the Russian President marked a unit with the name of the capitol of an independent neighbouring country makes the event noteworthy.

Propastop sees the possibility that the naming could be linked to the topic of the Maarjamäe demolition that became breaking news in the Russian media. Namely, the Maarjamäe complex is part of the monuments to all of the units that received the Tallinn name on 22. October 1944.

We believe there may be another dubious purpose, in that the name given to the Jet fighter unit on the 29th of January changed the Maarjamäe memorial to a realistic living monument creating possibilities for intervention and protests to any form of demolition or transformation of the monument.

P.S. The posted picture was photographed in the evening of 31. January and the Tallinn named unit’s monument at the Maarjamäe complex had already been cleaned of snow, in other words it is already being closely watched.


Photo: Propastop