Is there an ongoing information attack against Latvia?

The crowning event for the Latvian bank scandal was when the Ministry of Defence issued a press release announcing an ongoing information attack against the state. Propastop will try to figure out what is actually happening.

Estonian E-state in the clutches of the Kremlin media

So far The Estonian E-state has been discussed very little in the Russian media. Recently the TVC talk show discussed the digital nation, of course thickly in the propaganda channel’s characteristic way. Read about here!

Propastop library: Saara Jantunen „Information Warfare“

Saara Jantunen’s book „Info warfare“ published in January in Estonian is an easy to understand and comprehensive work which gives an in-depth picture of information warfare as well as the current state of affairs and developments in 2014-2015.

Marionette associations are assailing the reputation of Finland

In recent years, several associations have been established in Finland whose Russian minded activities have created internal national tensions and have sowed confusion on the international scene.

British study must be published in full!

The study, which reflects the attitudes of Russian speaking people in Estonia, is currently not public. This situation provides an opportunity for manipulating information, influencing discussions as well as questioning whether the parties involved have hidden agendas.

The Tallinn named squadron is associated with the Maarjamäe case

On the 29th of January the 23. Jet fighter squadron, titled the „Tallinn named squadron“ a tribute by the Russian President, renewed the name of its reformation after a part of the flight group that bombed Tallinn on 22. October 1944 called the „Tallinn squadron.“