Moldova has begun restricting Propaganda channels


Moldova passed a law on January 10th to restrict Russian Propaganda channels’ broadcasts in the country.

The law, which can restrict the broadcasting of Russian television channels, was signed by the Moldovan Parliament’s Speaker of the House, Andrian Candu because the Russian supportive President, Igor Dodon has repeatedly refused to sign this law.

On the 5th of January, the Constitutional Court suspended his power to veto new laws and the law in question was consequently signed.

The Kremlin has already called the adoption of this new law by Moldova Parliament’s majority as an organized attack against Russia. According to Maria Zakharova, a representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, the law violates the fundamental rights of Moldavians and restricts free access to information.

The law is intended to restrict Russian television broadcasting of propagandistic news, analysis – and political reports as well as military-related topics broadcast in Moldova.

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Lithuania and Ukraine, for example have been restricting the broadcasting of Russian Propaganda channels. In 2013, the regional court of the Republic of Lithuania temporarily suspended the distribution of PBK TV in their country and a year later the Ukraine forbade the broadcasting of a number of Russian Propaganda channels in the Ukraine.

Photo: d76 / Flickr / CC