Will the British study lead to action?

A study commissioned by the British government that became a media flashpoint last week has given an alarming picture of the attitudes of Russian speaking people in Estonia. Read about how the Kremlin propaganda media handles the study.

Propaganda dictionary: whataboutism

„Whataboutism“ is term used to describe the propaganda technique that could be characterized in Estonian by the expressions „but others did it too“ or „ but what are you doing yourself“ and which came into use during the Soviet Union and later with the Russian authorities when describing their communication manoeuvers.

Maarjamägi, military planes and sprats

How much false news has currently been circulated about the Maarjamäe complex? What was written about Estonia in the Russian media last month? Read about it here!

Moldova has begun restricting Propaganda channels

Moldova passed a law on January 10th to restrict Russian Propaganda channels’ broadcasts in the country.

How do you recognize fake accounts on Twitter?

The Atlantic Council has published an article by senior fellow, Ben Nimmo, that teaches a „total start to finish“ method of recognizing bots and fake accounts on Twitter.

Three Russian propaganda myths directed against Latvia

A co-author at the European Policy Studies Center (CEPA), Mārtiņš Kaprāns analyzed Russian propaganda messages about Latvia and outlined the three most commonly used ones.

A brand new attack from the Kremlin media: „The Maarjamäe complex is to be demolished! “

During the weekend, a great number of new articles appeared where they are blaming Estonia with wanting to demolish another Soviet monument. Read more about the propaganda attack here!

Ten circles around PBK

The editorial staff of Propastop reviewed the storm of discussions created by Raul Rebane’s article on the permissibility of purchasing airtime on the PBK channel and tried to understand what is being discussed.

Propaganda Horoscope 2018

The editors of Propastop looked ahead into 2018 and made some predictions for the propaganda year.