False news has been identified!

Many thanks to the Propastop readers who assisted in contradicting the false news social media image! Today we publish the correct answers of the assignment.

Come and help us detect false news!

For the holidays, we offer our readers the opportunity to participate in Propastop’s activities. Can you detect false news and distinguish false reports from correct ones?

Who in Estonia should be activating a fact controlling process?

On December 18th the Vikerraadio program Uudis+ (News +) broadcast had the program director Mirk Ojakivi and the CEO of the Estonian Newspaper Association, Mart Raudsaar discussing false news. Mr. Raudsaar put forth the idea that Estonia needs a special unit for fighting false news.

German Sputnik is publishing lies about Estonia

The Kremlin’s German language propaganda channel is claiming that the European Union is refusing to finance major projects in the Baltic nations. The channel also thinks it knows the reason why – They think that in this way the EU is forcing the Baltic nations to restore relations with Russia.

Top 5: Propaganda attacks launched from Estonia

Let us list five cases where news from local propaganda portals Baltnews and Sputnik have damaged Estonia’s reputation. What can be done to control such portals?

„Child soldiers“ story being used to attack us again, this time from the east

The scandalous photo report of the Italian photographer Tomaso Clavarino on voluntary paramilitary associations in the Baltic nations has been continued in the Russian media now by them using the USA publication The Atlantic, so that several biased propaganda news stories have taken shape.

Propaganda in November

Propastop regards November as a rather modest and calm month for ant-Estonian influence activities. Russia remained passive, mostly by the prolongation of familiar propaganda events in various stories on their web of national media channels.

Evelyn Kaldoja: Estonia should tell more about its story to the world

Propastop conducted an interview with the head of the editorial section of the Postimees Foreign News, Evelyn Kaldoja. Read what is Estonia’s greatest success in the information war, how to constrain the brainwashed Slovak as well as does the media write too much about tanks

Mihkel Raud’s work has drawn Russo phobic accusations

The Russian media have used the strong wording in Mihkel Raud’s new book for propaganda messaging, accusing the author with hatred of Russians. Propastop gives an assessment of the charges