Are only robots operating on Twitter?

At the beginning of the month, NATO’s Strat Com centre in Riga published a study in which they found that in some limited topics the majority of Twitter’s Russian-language posts were automated bots. Can this conclusion be generalized for all of Twitter?

Propaganda dictionary-astroturfing

A propaganda technology that gives the public an impression of a grass-roots initiative that is fighting for a greater cause but in reality is a group of artificially created puppet-like individuals whose strings are held and financed by a particular interest group or individual.

Propaganda news on the Estonian economy is expected

The propaganda horoscope will focus this time on four topics that may be actively reported in the Russian media over the coming months.

Accusations of falsifying history in the Kremlin media this week

In the beginning of November, the Russian media blamed the Baltic nations of rewriting history. The accusations on this topic were published by RuBaltic as well as shown during a one hour propaganda campaign on the Russian Defence Ministry owned television station Zvezda

CEPA and Stopfake counter-attack the German language RT channel

Using the European political studies centre, CEPA and the Russian influence activities analysis portal Stopfake, Urve Eslas dismissed the false information given out by the German language RT channel about the expensive cost of applying for Estonian citizenship.

Estonian cover girls and boys on Russian TV

Today we offer an overview of the people who are representing Estonia on Russian television channels. At the same time, we are offering an idea on how to find new opinion leaders who are associated with Estonia. Read about it here!

Propaganda in October

Propaganda in October included several analyzes of Russian influence activities, Edward Lucas’s discussion of Russo phobia and a RT advertising campaign on the London Underground as well as the concerned response to it.