Classical propaganda analysis

As a change from reporting daily propaganda incidents, here is a 1938. article „Propaganda Analysis.“ Psychologist Hadley Cantril’s text is still viable 80 years later.

German RT accuses Estonia of discrimination

We are used to finding propaganda examples, usually from Russian media. This time Kremlin German language propaganda channels are bothering Estonia. Read more here!

Propaganda messages hidden behind the Golden Mask festival

The television channel Pervõi wove its propaganda message into a theatre festival’s telecast. Fortunately, thanks to an intervention from the festival team, the bias video clip was removed. Read about it here!

The USA is initiating the marking of Russian propaganda channels

The Foreign Agent Act is being used by the United States to send an order to Russia RT media channels to register all media channels and employees operating in the territory of the United States

Accusations of Apartheid in Kremlin media headlines

The German publication Der Spiegel used the term „apartheid“ in an article about stateless people in Estonia and Latvia. Kremlin related portals brought out the offensive term in their headlines. Read all about it here!

Social media is under siege due to false news

Activities to block the spread of false news in Social media are progressing at an ever-increasing pace. Propastop analyzes the development of this topic.

Latvian elves against foreign propaganda

There are citizen’s initiatives in all three Baltic countries that are standing up against propaganda pressure from the Kremlin. Today we are writing about a Latvian Facebook group who call themselves „Latvian elves“.

Propaganda in September

of Russo phobia, controlling facts, the spread of important false news in newspapers as well as Estonian Russian speaking residents’ reactions to blatant lies in Russian propaganda media.

What does Pribaltika mean?

Our topic last week was fighting against being called „a former Soviet Republic” in the Western media. Today we are writing about the full meaning in the word Прибалтика. (Pribaltika)

Spain, the Kremlin media’s newest target

The upcoming Catalonia independence referendum on October 1 has caused the Russian propaganda machine to turn its attention towards Spain. Read it here!