Imagine there is an ongoing war and nobody notices


The website published an in-depth story on cyber conflicts and the nature of the Propastop blog.

False news, shitstorms, hacked computers, collapsed servers. There is a new type of war going on in the name of world conquest. The leading force in this war is Russia and NATO is alarmed.

 „ Look around, do see any machine guns anywhere? “ Anton Asper’s advertising agency meeting room is extremely large, the ceilings are four, maybe five meters high. Artwork hangs on the concrete walls. At the end of the room, behind glass walls you can see individuals dressed in the latest styles working behind Apple computers. The Asper office is somewhere in Estonia. The exact location of the office must remain a secret, just as the real name of Asper. Moreover, not a single worker knows what Asper also does besides advertising work: „ This is a battle, but I don’t need a weapon. I use this here for my battle.“ He points to his MacBook.

For the full story, read it on the website.

Photo: screen shot, Das Magasin website home page