Propastop library- Propaganda and persuasion: New and Classic Essays


Garth S. Jowett’s and Victoria O’Donnell’s book „ Propaganda and Persuasion

-New and Classic Essays“ is one of the most extensive and comprehensive works in the field of propaganda and influencing in a wider perspective.

The work published in 2011 brings together 14 topics from 16 authors. The reader is shown the nature and characteristics of propaganda and looks at the future of teaching rhetoric and propaganda. Topics from the past include a view of American, German and Soviet war histories. In addition Hitler’s „My Struggle“, Korean war prisoners, USA public diplomacy and the September 11th attacks are examined as well as an analysis of the effects of artificial environments and the purpose of psychological warfare.

The book’s epilogue is written by state- and political science doctor Agu Uddelepp, who summarizes the importance of the book as follows: „ The most important roll of Jowett’s and O´Donnel’s book for Estonia at the beginning of the 21st century is to make the population, better understand in their own language, how truth has been created and distributed in the last couple of hundred years. As a result, we are able to better understand the artificially created society surrounding us, to see facts clearly and decide on this basis ourselves. “