Imagine there is an ongoing war and nobody notices

Hannes Grassegger wrote an in-depth story on Estonian cyber conflicts, the information war and the fight against propaganda. The stories translation can be read at the website.

The fight against being called „a former Soviet Republic“

The ambassadors of the Baltic nations requested at the beginning of September that a French publication cease calling the Baltic countries „former Soviet republics“. The appeal met with an unforeseen painful reaction from the Russian media.

Peace march, a Trojan horse

An anti-NATO „Peace March“ will take place in Tallinn on the second weekend in September. The main organizer of this provoking type of endeavor is Allan Hantsom who has been found guilty of anti- Estonian activities.

New attempt: The Kremlin provokes the EP again to punish Estonia

In mid September the Russian propaganda channel NTV televised in their news program a story based on the analysis of the Directorate-General for Internal Policies of the Union’s General Secretariat of the European Parliament, which gave the impression that the European Parliament was worried about the Russian speaking population of Estonia.

Propastop library- Propaganda and persuasion: New and Classic Essays

Garth S. Jowett’s and Victoria O’Donnell’s book „ Propaganda and Persuasion
-New and Classic Essays„ is one of the most extensive and comprehensive works in the field of propaganda and influencing in a wider perspective.

How differently are the individual Baltic nations perceived?

Are Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania viewed as one entity by the Kremlin propaganda media or are there differences in the three countries in how they are perceived individually? Read about it here!

Propaganda in August

This August brought more propaganda type accusations towards Estonia than ever before, starting with the traditional Nazism and media censorship right up to the persecution of Russian-speaking inhabitants of Estonia.

It is time to stop supporting propaganda news sites!

Several Estonian political parties and governmental agencies are using Russian propaganda channels to advertise. They are in essence funding anti-Estonian influencing activities. This surely should be easy to stop. Read about it here!

Does school teach us how to resist propaganda?

With Wisdom day coming up we are reviewing media education in Estonian schools. Are daily lessons sufficient for the development of a critical attitude?