Propaganda horoscope: what awaits us tomorrow?


Propastop has reported media attacks against Estonia generally after the fact, when askew statements and waves of malicious wrongful allegations have already been proclaimed in websites, television channels and social media. We are now changing our activities to a more forward-looking stance by creating our new Propaganda horoscope section. We will be directing our attention to topics that we have noticed but have not yet achieved notoriety as big news items. With this, we may gain more time for prevention and preparation. Our predictions may not become true reality as stated in the horoscope. The development of Propaganda attacks requires a row of conditions that may not always occur. Still in all of our discussed topics, there is material that in given bad situations or in malicious interests can be widely used in an avalanche of accusations against Estonia.

The dismissal of Allan Hantsom
As was reported in Sputnik Estonia, the security door manufacturer, T-Tammer ended their work relationship with Allan Hantsom on the 4th of August.

Why do we consider this incident as a catalyst for a Propaganda attack? Because Allan Hantsom is a pro-Kremlin activist that was found guilty of international incitement to hatred in 2002, as was reported in the Postimees article referencing the Kapo yearbook. His latest activities have been characterized by organizing the march of the immortal regiment, dispatching shipments to Eastern Ukraine terrorist held areas and keeping the website operational.

Based on his dismissal, Hantsom has initiated a Russophobia as well as the persecution of dissenter’s campaign in Estonia. Statements in the style of „ beating up on one of your own“ has currently been appearing in similar thinking websites such as Rusvesna, Rubaltic, Zavtra, Bditelnost as well as in social media. (Read a related story in ERR on how a small handful of Russian coordinated activists call attention to themselves). Dismissal is a topic that has previously been a basis for anti-Estonia attacks, for example, Sergei Menkov’s gloating over the parade or the pregnant Anastassia incident.

Estonia is in debt
We have noticed the growth of Russian media’s reporting on economic matters. For example, we wrote in July of a new Propagandistic approach where they are predicting the imminent collapse of Estonia’s economy. They want to sow the seeds of uncertainty in Estonian society and develop social stresses with the distribution of this topic.

We can predict stories on economic topics that blame Estonia with an outstanding debt to Russia, using so called resources spent on Estonia during the Soviet occupation as justification of this debt. Articles on this theme in regards to Lithuania have already been posted.

Child soldiers
The child soldier incident that has gained much press in Estonia has not yet received wide coverage in the Western or Russian media. The Italian photographer’s reportage in the Dutch portal website can if so desired show several Kremlin propaganda talking points: Russo phobia, favouring Fascism, militarism and war hysteria as well as being NATO henchmen. Since there is much emotion when dealing with children, there are added components in this incident that if so desired can light up into a wider media attack.

Pictures: Taro cards. Photo Kristin Andrus /Flickr / CC. Facebook screen shot.