The condemnation of Erna Trek as a Nazi promoting activity is in the media this year much more than previously

Russian propaganda media is denouncing Erna Trek as a Nazi promoting activity with many more accusations this year. Propastop examined how these accusations have changed throughout the years.

Russia’s interests and goals in the information war

In August, Diplomaatia released Monica M. Ruiz’s analysis on changes in Russian doctrine, which gives a thorough overview on developments during the last ten years, where Russian active influence operations have currently changed to become global.

Kremlin media is agitating the European Union into imposing sanctions on Estonia

Russian propaganda channels are talking more and more loudly about a single topic, as if the European Union is starting to impose sanctions on Estonia and the other Baltic nations for promoting Nazism. Read about it here!

A working tool for tracking our eastern neighbour’s activities

The Alliance for Securing Democracy initiated an analytical centre called Hamilton68 in August, where they give a real-time overview of Russian influence operations on Twitter.

Propaganda horoscope: what awaits us tomorrow?

We are opening a new headline topic, where we will gather predictions on what type of propaganda – media attacks against Estonia may occur in the near future. Read about it here!

Western press front line from Estonia

The editors of Propastop analyze July’s Tomaso Clavarino’s photo reportage, where the author gives the impression that the Baltic nations have child soldiers preparing to attack Russia.

Pros and cons of a national ombudsman dealing with falsehoods in the media

In discussion is Ilmar Raag’s article that is against the nation establishing a commissioner that deals with refuting media falsehoods. In that case, how do we react to an info crisis? Read more about it here!

Propaganda in the month of July

Propastop will bring forth the most important subjects from July, which unfortunately did not reach the blog posts, but are still worth mentioning. We will cover the discussion topics “Does Estonia need its own army of elves?” and how president Ilves supports the fight against propaganda. Also, how president Kaljulaid warns us against counter propaganda.

Forest Brothers in a propaganda battle

NATO produced and released a short dramatized documentary in mid July about forest brothers in the Baltics, which caused lively discussions in the Russian media and caused an anti NATO propaganda attack.