June, propaganda month


The end of the inquiry into the death of Dmitri Ganini
On the 7th of June, the state prosecutor ended the inquiry into the killing of Dmitri Ganini during the Bronze night events.

The investigation, due to time limit expiration ended after 10 years, consequently the killer remained unknown .The event that has for ten years been Russia’s excuse for allegations towards Estonia has now ended. Overviewing the last ten years, one can say that the decision to end the investigation will remain as material for more propaganda assaults. Estonia was warned just this last April about repercussions if the investigation was halted.

Nothing significant appeared in the Russian media because of the investigation being terminated.

Both Delfi and Postimees have conducted long and intensive analysis on the investigation of Ganini’s death with which this chapter in our history can finally be laid to rest. As expected, the Russian Foreign Ministry via talking points presented a note to Estonia.

Kaljulaid discusses propaganda on Russian TV
The President of the Republic of Estonia, Kersti Kaljulaid spoke on the Russian TV channel Dožd, where she said among other things. „There has been a need by certain parties to show necessarily that there are fascists in Estonia but they had to bring examples from elsewhere because none could be found in Estonia. We understand very well where this came from – it came from Russian propaganda. „

The President’s statements are definitely note worthy and in this light; we should be constantly reminded of Russian propaganda activities. Recently while publicly speaking the newly elected French President, Emmanuel Macron took a similar stance.

Fake news about the USA reinstating visa requirements
On the 20th of June, there was an attempt to fake news with statements that USA President Donald Trump had withdrawn Estonia from the USA no visa requirement program.

The fake news was stopped within hours when the Foreign Ministry dismissed these allegations via their own channels and stopped the false news from growing. Lauri Tankler has written at length on this in Delfi.

Propastop gives recognition to the Foreign Ministry for this fast and efficient operation.

Propastop in Sputnik
Funny as it seems our antithesis, Sputnik has lately started posting our blog material- this is absolutely true, although they do add a little bit of their own spin but still using our basic material. This time Sputnik justified itself over an article appearing in Propastop where we compared Estonian Russian speaking channels with being partially propaganda channels.

We remain resolute in that Sputnik still is engaged and has a marginal role in achieving its original goal in Estonia and it seems that this creates tensions for them.

Juhan Mellik’s editorial in Postimees
Columnist Juhan Mellik writes an ironic editorial in Postimees about Russia’s influence peddling and its attitudes towards that. He sarcastically brings forth several Russian attributed propaganda fears and asks us to ponder over them.

Propastop recommends the same.

The Baltic nations are in debt to Russia
The premise that the Baltic Nations are in debt to Russia is a continuous theme in Russian propaganda.

This was in a Postimees article by Vaidas Saldžiūnas in June. He wrote: „ Imagine a courtroom where someone is accused of assault, rape, murder, forced labour and other criminal activities. There is ample proof. However, the accused claims innocence. He says it is the victims fault and he owes me money for my new clothes.

The situation appears cynical and absurd, but this is not just a mental exercise. The afore written lines are interchangeable with a similar position of discourse that Russia has started with Lithuania and the other Baltic nations.

Propastop is keeping an eye on the evolving trend and will keep the readers appraised with up to date analysis of the situation.

Photos: Postimees.ee and the Foreign Ministry twitter account.