Urve Eslas: Liar’s paradox: The Kremlin’s master narrative

Propastop publishes the full text of the article written by Urve Eslas, who analyzes the master narrative, which is the foundation of Russian propaganda activities and observes how it directs messages used daily. The original article was published on the webpage of the Center for European Policy Analysis.

A child removed from her family is used for propaganda accusations

Propastop has been following how an incident involving child protection became a distorted news item on Estonian Russophobia in the Russian media.

An article series on critical thinking

In the inspiring and educational news website „Edasi“ the philosophy lecturer Oliver Laas has penned a six part, fast course in critical thinking. The six part series deals with the most common and important of fallacies or misconceptions as well as bringing out examples in targeting and influencing discussions for the purpose of diversion.

A new narrative on the Russian propaganda front lines

Propastop analyzes the new narrative “The independent Republic of Estonia will end in 2020”, which has been created and developed by Russia through different speaking points.

Marko Mihkelson: The Russian disinformation machine

The June double number issue of Diplomaatia (Diplomacy) concentrates in a big way on Russian influence activities with analysis in practical as well as in an academic way. Propastop brings forward Diplomaatia’s opening story, Marko Mihkelson’s article on „Disinformation: Russia’s old and effective weapon of influence“.

New falsifications in the airwaves: The Jõhvi cemetery story has further developments.

A few weeks ago, we wrote about the occurrences at the Jõhvi cemetery, where a letter sent to the county administration by private individuals received biased reports in the Russian media. New elements were added last week to the case where on the 4th of July.

June, propaganda month

The month of June has been a propaganda month and has brought about a lot of attention to the ending of the inquiry into the death of Dmitri Ganini. It has promoted interesting reading from us and elsewhere as well as Propastop once again being mentioned on Sputnik news.

Masha and the bear article stimulated media interest

Propastop gave an overview of the popular cartoon series „Masha and the bear “from a Kremlin propaganda perspective on the 22nd of May. The overview gained much attention in the news and reached the Russian media where it caused a large insurgence of Propaganda type articles.