Propastop now in Russian!


The main reason for extending the language selection is to provide Russian-speakers living in Estonia with the knowledge of hostile propaganda events in Estonia and to teach readers to recognise the media’s inclination and to analyse manipulations. So far, the blog posts have been translated into Russian by the Estonian daily Postimees, but it has been rarely and occasionally.

The other reason is the growing attention paid by the Russian media to Propastop. Two themes have gained more attention in the Russian media. The first one was about the drawing up of a black list at the beginning of the year. We published a list of propaganda promoting websites where we did not recommend publishing ads. The recent post about the cartoon “Masha and the Bear” also gave rise to Russia’s response. Now, all Russian-speaking readers can get acquainted with these and all other Propastop posts directly, that is not mediated by Kremlin media.

Propastop’s language selection extension is a long-term blog plan. In April, for example, we opened an English version. We are also trying to catch up with the creation and administration of Propastop’s Russian-language social media accounts. So far, you can stay up to date with the blog and comment the posts on Facebook.

You can find the Propastop in Russian in the header of the blog.