This time modestly


On the period of 9th of May, it was noticeable how fewer St George ribbons were worn. On previous years it has become accustomed, that the St George Ribbons have been widespread, worn on cars, clothes, flowers, etc.

One reason for its lessening might be a wider discussion in Russia, about wearing various attributes related to the Great Patriotic War.

For example, the Russian State Duma deputies want to initiate a change in the law that would regulate the use of the symbols of the Victory Day. The goal is to protect the ribbon from inappropriate commercial purposes.

A union “Victory volunteers” submitted before 9th of May new reglement, according to which the ribbon may be worn only on the jacket lapel. It is considered unethical to bind the ribbon to a handbag and vehicles. Surely the attitude changes of the Russian Federation affected the mindset of our people, encouraging them to wear less the ribbon.

It is possible that some effect also had Estonian Russian-language media. Chief editor of Estonian daily “Postimees” in Russian and an editor of Russian-language weekly “MK-Estonia” disapproved the concentration on the ribbons while keeping the real and sincere commemoration on the background.

Social media is a good indicator of society. It was noticeable, how this year the posts and comments were about people wanting to commemorate the 9th of May at home with their loved ones. Several Immortal Regiment march organisers mentioned in interviews that a lot of people stayed at home this year.

Some part might have also been played by Estonian customs officers, who confiscated on the Russian border a batch of George Ribbons. It was suspected, that due to the vast amount of the ribbons, they might be sold illegally.

What will happen next? It is possible that on coming years’ participants of the Immortal Regiment will increase. This year in Tallinn there were about 2000 attendees, while in a smaller town Sillamäe, there were about 4000 people.

Photo: Victory Day celebrators near to Moscow, on the year 2017. Photo Foto sovraskin /Flickr /CC