Germany in Russian propaganda grip


Disinfo Review has drawn attention to the Russian media, especially to the public television channels talk shows, that participate in a defamation campaign against Germany.

Programs present emotional and well-defined false statements. Main target group may be considered Russian-speaking residents of Germany, of whom there is estimated to be about 3 million people and who have access to the Russian TV channels.

We are mainly talking about four Russia’s national TV channels: Pervyi Kanal, Rossiya 1, REN-TV and NTV, which are all listed in the Propastop propaganda channel list.

Disinfo Review has found following claims:

Residents of Germany have no freedom of speech;

  • Reception of refugees in Germany was planned by the United States to change German mentality and make its people liberals and cosmopolitans;
  • German authorities repress their citizens if they are publicly protesting against immigrants who have committed crimes against Europeans;
  • Germany contributes to the allied presence in the Baltic countries to make it possible, if necessary, to attack St. Petersburg;
  • Angela Merkel is seeking to occupy Ukraine and pressures her state to have a conflict with Russia;
  • German government supports the neo-Nazi movement in Ukraine;
  • Germany helps Ukraine to develop nuclear weapons.

Photo: Screenshot from Disinfo Review web page