Metamorphosis in headlines

Propastop noticed an article, where the headline and contents changed considerably after several referencing.

Sirp: (video)games in infowars

Propastop blog aims to draw attention to various ways propaganda is conducted and distributed. This way the reader will have the possibility to assess their efficacy. The volunteers found from a cultural newspaper „Sirp“ an article about what role games have in info wars and propaganda.

Masha, Bear, and Propaganda

Lithuanian politician Laurynas Kasčiūnas has stated in his analysis, that „Masha and the Bear” is one tool from Russia’s soft power toolkit. Propastop did some research on what is known about the popular cartoon.


According to Gerasimov’s doctrine, informational influencing is an integral part of Russia’s military activity. Based on Georgian and Ukraine examples, there were big military exercises near to their borders before the military campaign against them began. Also, there was an increase of hostile propaganda flow.

This time modestly

On the period of 9th of May, it was noticeable how fewer St George ribbons were worn. On previous years it has become accustomed, that the St George Ribbons have been widespread, worn on cars, clothes, flowers, etc.

Germany in Russian propaganda grip

Disinfo Review has drawn attention to the Russian media, especially to the public television channels talk shows, that participate in a defamation campaign against Germany.

Corporals Ilves, Laar and Ansip received a medal

Russia’s Ministry of Defence has created a web-based database called “People’s heroics”, that gathers all the people who were awarded in the Red Army during the Second World War. The database was opened in 2015, 70 years after the end of the war, and everyone can do the searches.