How to translate Estonian Defence League


Propastop volunteers have noticed that translated name Estonian Defence League could give a false impression of the nature of this organisation. For people from countries that have no voluntary national defence tradition, the English name might be associated with nationalist paramilitary militias, that the countrssy does not have control of.

Such paramilitary group are distrusted in many countries because at critical moments they have a potential to threaten a democratic state. For example, in African and Asian civil wars, the biggest massacres are carried out by paramilitary organisations, of whom the state did not have control.

The Defense League does not have anything in common with such rebels. But if the exposure to the name is the only connection with people abroad, it is easy to form a misconception.

Which translation would be better? For example, the version “Defence League of Estonian Republic” would communicate better the nature of the Estonian Defense League. It shows more that the Defence League is part of a broad concept of national defence and that the organisation is for the whole country, not just for Estonians.

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Photo: Screenshot from Estonian Defence League website.