Who is arriving: NATO or the allied forces


Estonian media has for over a year been talking about the arrival of NATO’s troops and NATO’s military technique. On the one hand, it is positive that the media informs the country that Estonia is protected and the allied forces have arrived to prevent any military danger or deter potential opponent.

On the other hand, the media describing allies as ‘NATO troops’ is worrying for Propastop. This language use resembles Kremlin’s depiction of the situation, where “NATO is arriving at Russia’s borders”. This concept tries to give the impression that of unprecedented and aggressive steps, which completely ignores the fact that Estonia is a full-fledged member of NATO already since 2004. Since then, the Estonian Defence Forces are part of the NATO forces. NATO troops have been in Estonia, near the Russian border since 2004. At the moment only allies are arriving for our support.

The aim of the Russian propaganda is to marginalise Estonia and NATO and to demonstrate Estonia’s self-defence ability null and void. This approach is backed by the phrase “the arrival of NATO troops.”

Photo: US tank  Abrams in Tapa, Estonia, march 2015.  Marianne Loorents / Virumaa Teataja / Scanpix.

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