Alien Attack: 23 soldiers were turned into stone


Propastop decided to show an example of a so-called source laundering. Here is presented a juicy UFO story, which shows well how the media processes are working. By making every reference more credible than another, it is possible to launder the source. Unclear source leads the way to alternative facts and conspiracy theories that are well used in information warfare.

  • September 8, 1992, US fantasy and conspiracy magazine Weekly World News published an incredible story where in 1987 over Siberia an alien ship was shot down. For retaliation, the extra-terrestrial team turned 23 Red Army soldiers into stone. The same magazine issue also wrote how an old pair visited paradise and how a Hungarian vampire, after killing of 16 people committed suicide, by running a wooden stake through his own heart, because he could not handle the sight of blood.
  • In 1993, a local newspaper in Ukraine “Ternopil Vetchernyi” published an article “Cosmic Vengeance,” which rewrites the same story about shooting down aliens. The source is referenced as “an authoritative Canadian magazine Weekly World News.”
  • The same year, on 27th of March, Kiev’s daily newspaper “Holos Ukrainy” publishes the same story, referencing “Ternopil Vetšernõi”.
  • US embassy sends to its motherland a routine media monitoring, which includes a translation of “Holos Ukrainy” article.
  • 22 years later, CIA discloses on its website many old documents that have lost its classification, including the translation of the aforenamed UFO story.
  • Again, two years later, on 21 of February 2017, British tabloid “Daily Express” discovers the story and publishes an article “Russian soldiers zapped by aliens after shooting down UFO, declassified CIA report claims”.
  • 27th of February 2017, a Estonian tabloid newspaper Vecherka publishes a story “CIA: aliens killed 23 soldiers in Siberia, turning them into stone (PHOTO, VIDEO)”

Photo: Screenshot from Weekly World News article depicting soldiers turned into stone, next to a crashed UFO wreckage.

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