What is Propastop?


Propastop blog is aimed at contributing to Estonia’s information space security.

If we detect that someone is disseminating lies, biased- or disinformation in the media or somebody wants to influence processes concerning Estonia by manipulating information, we will bring it to the public. We will juxtapose lies with real facts, show motives behind the actions and bring out the ones interested in manipulating information.

We mediate information related to the blog topics from state agencies, current media and literature. We explain backgrounds and analyse what our neighbours are up to in propaganda war. We want to develop propastop.org as a web page that contains compendious information on propaganda.

At first, there will be much talk about Russia. This is because of the media frenzy that followed the Bronze Night, the Russo-Georgian War, the Annexation of Crimea and the support of eastern Ukraine terrorists. All of these activities have gone hand-in-hand with intense propaganda and information attacks. We feel potential propaganda pressure to Estonia also now; therefore, we are alert towards Russia. But we don’t want to stay only a Russian-themed blog. If we notice any country or organisation who wants to influence events from outside Estonia, we will write about it.

It should be noted that propastop.org does not engage itself in creating propaganda. It restricts itself only to exposing propaganda. We also respect the right to freedom of speech for every Estonian citizen, including difference of opinions about Estonia.

Propastop is an independent blog. It is run by volunteers, of whom many belong to the Estonian Defence League. The Defence League is an Estonian voluntary national defence organisation. It works under Ministry of Defence and is part of the Estonian defence force. Read more about the Defence League.

Due to security reasons, editors and coworkers who are responsible for this blog are anonymous. Spokesperson for Propastop is volunteer Andres Lember, who can be contacted via email propastop/at/gmail.com.

We are looking forward to receiving ongoing contributions from our readers: if you notice propaganda, give us a hint!