The bust of Harald Nugiseks nurtures propaganda media 


The bust of Harald Nugiseks was opened in the school of Laupa on 21st of October in 2016. Estonian media covered it as a local news story, giving a historical and aesthetic overview.

On 24th of October, RIA Novosti announced that Russian embassy in Estonia condemns opening of a bronze bust for an SS-officer. Soon after, followed critically and propaganda filled stories from Regnum,, Izvestia, Sputnik and Baltnews. So to say the strongest story of them all was made by Russian TV channel 5TV, according to what the bust of Nugiseks is a memorial for Nazi war criminal. Estonia was condemned for teaching fascism to children under the false pretence of propaganda. Estonian government is also blamed for supporting Nazism, as they didn’t take an official stand on this subject. This coverage tries to give an impression of how all of this is an official position of Estonia and shows the mentality of the inhabitants.

This story has not yet been covered by the Western, but the potential for it is there. Memorizing Nugiseks fits well into Russian propaganda narratives of Estonia as a nazi-country.

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Phopt: screenshot from 5TV news story.