Life in Estonia according to a propaganda channel


This article gives an overview of one news program in Russian TV-channel NTV, on 19th of October. According to this coverage, the Baltic states are preparing for war. Recently established Civil Protection task force is directly formed against Russia. Estonian parliament will soon discuss a draft act, which allows the military to use private cars if necessary. They also mention a law that will be presented to the Congress in the US, so ultimately the USA is to blame for it all.

According to this show, a good example to show Estonia’s arms race are plastic bomb shelters that are created by a company called Terramil.

This show also uses so-called political experts Aleksandr Gaponenko and Vladimir Linderman (who are also previously known for being Kremlin activists), who give the viewer’s impression, as volunteers are gathering in the Baltics, to fight Russia. At the beginning of the show the talk is of defence activities in the Baltics, but as the show goes on the idea turns from defending countries into aggressive states, with an attack wish.

This channel produces news not only to Russian inhabitants but also to people in Estonia.

Photo: screenshot from the news program.

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