Tracing the 1$ assault ship


On 12th of October Postimees published a news story, according to what Egypt is planning to sell Mistral-class amphibious assault ship to Russia for a symbolic price of 1 dollar. Fortunately, newsroom understood next day that the news was fake.

Acknowledging Postimees, it should be mentioned that with a removal of the fake story, they also published a story, which explained how this information got issued by them.

Propastop gives a detailed explanation of how they traced the origins of this fake story. Finally, blog provides recommendations for them, who wish to share similarly scandalous stories.

•If you find a piece of information from the vastness of internet that you want to share on your social media, then you should check its credibility. Otherwise, you could inadvertently become a disseminator of information. The more credibility you have in the information space, the more responsibility you ought to take for information sharing.

•Editors of the news portals should check the credibility of the information with a few simple clicks, and then to assess the reliability of the sources found.

•Keep in mind that nowadays trueness of information is not guaranteed by the fact that it has been shared by members of parliament or some web environments.

•If the reliability of the source and identity cannot be verified, it is probably false information.

•When in doubt, do not share the message, until it is entirely clear that this is the correct information.

Screenshot from blog from where fake story started to spread.