Underestimation of social media retaliates


In mid-September appeared in social media images of Estonian Defence Forces mails, where recipients were appointed in war-time positions. Estonian Defence Forces initial reaction was surprised and displeased. Vallo Toomet, head of the Defence Forces Strategic Communications department said that sharing this information is not strictly prohibited, but not recommended. Defence Forces assumes that people have common sense and better judgment of the outcomes of these type of actions.

Propastop’s position is that idea of common sense varies in different social groups. Therefore, if the Defence Forces wish their information not to become public, they should clearly mark it on their notifications. Well organised notifications have explicit user’s instructions, that states what to do with the information and where to turn when questions arise.

The story concludes how on the strategic level social media awareness has gotten through to the security circles. Hopefully, it will be carried out also in their tactical level.

Original post (in Estonian).

Photo: screenshot of Henrik Roonemaa Twitter tweet.