The bust of Harald Nugiseks nurtures propaganda media 

One Estonian school opened a bust of Harald Nugieks, an Estonian soldier in German army during World War II. Kremlin propaganda media labelled Estonia immediately as a nazi state.

Life in Estonia according to a propaganda channel

According to Russian TV-channel NTV news program the Baltic states are preparing for war. NTV is the propaganda channel, which spreads Kremlin biased information and lies.

Kremlin carries out information warfare without any moral grounds

In October Vladimir Sazonov published an article. It discusses, how the Russian propaganda machine has developed, about the adaptation with the fall of the Soviet Union and today’s Russia’s information war doctrine.

Tracing the 1$ assault ship

On 12th of October 2016 a news story was published, according to what Egypt is planning to sell Mistral-class amphibious assault ship to Russia for a symbolic price of 1 dollar. Fortunately, newsroom understood next day that the news was fake.

Abstract of State Department’s Strategic Communications report

The report provides an overview of developments in the strategic communications field between 2015-2016 and gives a brief overview of the nature and functions of Government Office strategic communications adviser’s position.

Maxine David on counter-propaganda strategies

This piece refers to an article by Dr Maxine David. The article was originally published in The Conversation.

Underestimation of social media retaliates

In mid-September 2106 in social media appeared images of Estonian Defence Forces mails, where recipients were appointed in war-time positions.

Propaganda dictionary: spin

Overview of the meaning of terms spin and spinning, with examples from local and foreign media.

Ida-Viru secret memo: broad consensus in propaganda media

A local newspaper published a government’s security commission memo. The document covered so-called slipping away possibilities of Ida-Viru county.