Have the songs of Russian musicians supporting the war disappeared from the radio?

Russian singers who support Russia’s aggression, like Filipp Kirkorov and Dima Bilan, have long been banned from performing in Estonia. However, Propastop investigated whether their songs are still being played on Estonian radio stations.

Russian war bloggers gleefully waved Shoigu goodbye

Ultra-nationalist Russian war bloggers sent Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu away from his position with gleeful mockery and welcomed the new minister with warm words. Propastop provides an overview of why the old broom was hated and the new one awaited.

Turning the Tables: How Propaganda Backfires and Fuels Counter-Movements

Propaganda often backfires, giving the targeted side clever ways to turn the message around. From name confusion to manipulated images, misinformation spreads easily. Recent examples from May 2024 highlight these tactics and the importance of media literacy to counteract them.

Propastop analysis: Russian propaganda attacks the legitimacy of the Ukrainian President

As President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s nominal term ends on 20 May, Kremlin propaganda attacks the credibility of the Ukrainian Head of State in the eyes of his most important allies and seeks to undermine the President’s legitimacy in the eyes of Ukrainians.

Narrative X-ray: Russia tries to blame others for its human rights violations

According to a widely spread and well-known propaganda story from the Soviet era, human rights are constantly being violated in Western countries. Moreover, in addition to the human rights of their own citizens, Western countries are supposed to violate the human rights of third-world residents all the time when they interfere in the affairs of those countries. One of the few countries without human rights problems, according to this narrative, is Russia.

Why has the Immortal Regiment moved online and why are Russians going to war?

“The cancellation of parades and ‘Immortal Regiments’ could have several reasons,” believes Russian political analyst Fyodor Krasheninnikov, who currently resides in the EU, and has been declared a foreign agent in Russia. He shared his opinion with Propastop.

Numerous. But how capable? What is the state of the Belarusian army in 2024?

President Alexander Lukashenko frequently participates in Kremlin-led information operations and often uses aggressive language. Most recently, he threatened to launch a “pre-emptive strike” against Lithuania in response to perceived NATO threats. In light of this, Propastop offers an assessment of the real combat capabilities of the Belarusian army.

Why Russia can’t have Kant?

In Königsberg, where philosopher Immanuel Kant was born, Russian authorities were celebrating his 300th birthday by updating the museum and hosting a philosophy congress. The region’s governor, Anton Alikhanov, called Kant a “Russian trophy” in his speech. Is that claim accidental, or is it part of a broader Russian policy?

Does your local store fly the Russian flag?

More than two years into the full scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, a number of Estonian store chains persist in displaying the flag of the aggressor nation. Notably, Prisma, Maxima, Stockmann, Apollo, and Selver are on the blacklist. Learn more here.

“In the information war, there is no need for new institutions, but a strategy against Russia.”

In a revealing survey conducted by Propastop ahead of the June European Parliament elections, Estonia’s leading party candidates weigh in on the EU’s effectiveness in combating Russian propaganda amid the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, with an average score landing a modest 6 out of 10.