Launch of a new fact-checking portal Klikisäästja (click saver)

Propastop has repeatedly written for several years about the need for independent fact-finding. This week, a new fact-checking initiative Klikisäästja (click saver) was launched. It is led by a familiar face from the Estonian Debate Society and the Postimees fact-finding section, Herman Kelomees

Propaganda dictionary – infodemic

Infodemic is a term formed from the words information and epidemic, which means the rapid and widespread spread of true or misleading information about something, where facts, rumors and fears mix, which makes it difficult to obtain important information on the topic.

Regnum – an aggressive attacker of Estonia

The web portal of the information agency Regnum, founded in 1999, stands out with the large number of their flagrant anti-Estonian stories.

Who are behind the fake accounts inciting anti-vaccine attitudes?

How to recognize a fake account operating on Facebook on your own? What can be done to block such an account?

FB fake accounts heat up anti vaccine attitudes

Coronavirus related articles on the pages of Estonian dailies and large FB internet portals have discussions from dozens upon dozens of fake accounts

Propaganda Horoscope 2021

We are looking towards the beginning of 2021 and we will try to predict what this will bring to Estonia on the battlefield of propaganda.

Solving puzzles on Christmas

This time your ability to identify both locations and times when photographs were taken is being tested.

Another Sputnik is becoming a propaganda weapon

Last week, Kremlin channels broadcast news that Estonian residents want the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine to be available in Estonia. The Estonian media also contributed to the spread of the propaganda message.

These Estonian companies support Kremlin propaganda

See a list of companies that continue to advertise on Russian websites waging an information war against Estonia.