New Year’s media summary- social media’s worrisome burden

In the last month, the Estonian media has been dominated by stories about using social media channels to manipulate people.

The fight against fake accounts: five lessons learned

Facebook has now closed several #ESTexitEU topic related fake accounts. What can we learn from the incident?

British Ofcom found numerous violations in RT’s activities

In December, the UK media regulator Ofcom published a study on the content of RT broadcasts in England, highlighting a number of violations that could lead to further sanctions.

Over one hundred fake accounts are connected with #ESTexitEU

Propastop traced the fake news spreading from Narva and discovered a number of fake accounts. Their very large number was surprising.

Hashtag ESTexitEU, is being distributed by fake accounts connected to Russia

In October and November, a large amount of fake accounts and webpages have been created on social media channels, which have started to actively intensify issues aimed at dividing Estonian society

An inexact translation brought a Christmas gift of a wave of propaganda

Fake news that began due to Parliament’s minutes having been incorrectly translated brought forth propagandistic stories in the Kremlin media during the holidays.

Santa Claus found on Lai Street in Rakvere

See the correct answers and solutions to the Propastop Christmas picture-game!

Santa Claus caught! But where?

Take part in the Propastop holiday picture-game and help identify the time and place the photo was taken.

Attention! Provocative fake news is circulating in Narva

A staged fake news story about an activist attacked in Lasnamäe was published in the environment of Vkontakte.

Myth breaker 4: The economy of Estonia is in bad shape

In this article, we are rebuking the propaganda media’s widely used incorrect statement, that Estonia is an economically failed state.