A website fighting against fake news is threatened with closure

In mid January began a rather unique event in Holland, which today includes both media publications, the courts as well as the Dutch Parliament and ministers. This could be fatal to the EuvsDisinfo website, which fights against fake news and Russian propaganda.

Sputnik tried to force the Estonian Defence Forces into a corner

Quick actions from the Estonian Defence Forces last week prevented a propaganda attack from the Kremlin media. Although the propaganda channel that initiated the incident tried to still get in the last word.

Info operation – trendy wording

Today we introduce wording that is resonating a lot in the media. Unfortunately, the expression is increasingly being used to label opponents.

Myth breaker part 1.

Today we will start with a new heading, in which we will show why propaganda myths circulating in Estonia are false. First, we reject the misconception that Estonia voluntarily joined the Soviet Union.

Russian media: an ongoing threat to Estonia

At the beginning of March, Estonians were introduced to a survey, which was conducted by the Ukrainian Crisis Center for Communication about the coverage of 38 countries on three Russian television channels.

Quicker and more actively!

The marching song propaganda attacks were last week. Let us line up a couple of principles that in a similar case would be able to prevent singular news items from growing into media storms.

Propaganda in February

February was the most active month on influencing issues in the last couple of months. Several studies and articles on Russian influence activities were published. Several social media channels took steps to improve the quality of their content and factors affecting the country in regards to the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia was discussed much more often.

Propaganda alert: Forest Brother’s song causes alarm in the Kremlin media

Propastop noticed that at the beginning of the week, the Russian media had a spreading news story referring to Estonian Defence Forces singing about killing Russians while marching. These headlines began surfacing on Monday and continued to spread on Tuesday.

Is there an ongoing information attack against Latvia?

The crowning event for the Latvian bank scandal was when the Ministry of Defence issued a press release announcing an ongoing information attack against the state. Propastop will try to figure out what is actually happening.

Estonian E-state in the clutches of the Kremlin media

So far The Estonian E-state has been discussed very little in the Russian media. Recently the TVC talk show discussed the digital nation, of course thickly in the propaganda channel’s characteristic way. Read about here!