Propaganda in December

Last year’s holiday month of December was rather modest in the writing of propaganda and information manipulation. The emphasis was on data and the writing of their misuse.

Kremlin phobias

The Russian media, operating under the Kremlin’s leadership, has been exploiting a wide variety of fears over the years.

Propaganda in the year 2019

Propastop’s editorial board looked at last year’s propaganda. Here are the highlights.

The last two gifts have been delivered

Santa’s concern with finding the last two addresses have now been resolved. The addresses have been found and gifts received.

Santa Claus is asking for help

Santa Claus is asking Propastop readers for help in identifying some addresses.

The Kremlin propaganda specter is on the move

Last week, the Mayor of Vilnius, Remigijus Šimašius, posted on Facebook about how the Estonian concert organizer Artmusic was trying to get permission to organize a Kremlin history-themed propaganda spreading concert entitled “Songs of Freedom” in May 2020 in Vilnius’s central square.

The frontline of the information war is being defended from the Balkans to the Baltic nations

On December 17, Uku Arold, Deputy Head of the Strategic Communication Department of the Defence Forces General Staff Head Quarters, wrote about the information war and the practices of different countries in Postimees. Propastop, with permission from the author and Postimees, publishes the full article.

Propastop dictionary – scorched earth tactics

Known in the military as, „scorched earth“ tactics have also been used in information warfare thanks to Kremlin propaganda activities.

An Estonian-Latvian joint documentary on Kremlin propaganda is collecting awards

The Estonian-Latvian documentary „Surematu“(“Immortal”) based on the popular Soviet-style youth movement “Junarmija” premieres in early July.

Andrei Arkhangelsky: Kremlin propaganda contrasts with modernity

The EuvsDisinfo portal published a long interview with Andrei Arkhangelsky, a Russian journalist, columnist and cultural editor of Ogonjok magazine, in late November.